Drew Gilman

A great song starts with a great melody. And since the beginning of his professional career, Drew Gilman has honed his skills to write inspired, meaningful melodies. With four years of classical training and over a decade of pop and rock writing, he has the knowledge and ear to take any music project to the next level. With an ever expanding list of satisfied clients, Drew has written and produced local artists, and bigger names looking to find creative alternatives to the conventional studios.


Starting in his university years, Drew was a part of the team to bring to life the first compilation album “Sessions at 211” with mastering and producing credits on the album. Following his Tallahassee years he began writing his own album and started seeking co-writing opportunities in and around central Florida. This brought him to meet the likes of master composer Michael Cochran and his team which produced an EP for rising country singer Ginnette Ward. Her three song album includes two songs co-written by Drew. After these writing sessions led to promising leads, Drew turned his attention to his producing and meeting up with Jarrett Randazzo, lead singer of Copperpot and Hathaway Brown. Together Drew and Jarrett produced a 7 song album which is being shopped for TV and film. And since then, Drew relocated to Nashville to seek out new opportunities and began again finding new writing partners and local artists looking to have their songs produced into commercially viable tunes that live up to today’s discerning standards. Plus, he regularly keeps up with writing for Cochran, with a new theater show “7: A Feast of Sin” adding to his repertoire. His co-written song, “Pride” is used regularly to promote the show. 


Now partnering up with Falling Water Sound and mixing professional Josh Valencia, Drew has the studio capable of producing music that puts out the highest quality sound for today’s streaming, digital lifestyle. So whether it is turning an idea into a hit, or bringing hit ideas to life, Drew Gilman along with Falling Water Sound, delivers. Because, let’s not forget, while a great song starts with a great melody, a great production starts with a great studio and great producer.